Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium which is the birthplace of famous child peeing statue. It fascinates visitors with gratifying historical architectures like Palazzo di Re Enzo, a stunning palace which used to imprison the son of Frederick II; Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nattuno, the largest and oldest square of Brussels which is encircled by beautiful renaissance buildings and University Quarter, the most old-age university in Europe, established 900 years ago. Do not miss to explore Brussels outstanding museums including Collezioni Comunali d'Arte which offers bountiful 14th-19th century paintings and Museo Civico Archeologico which shows about multifarious supreme Bolognese architectures. To make your night impressive, try delightful Brussels foods while listening to live jazz bands at any local pub or restaurant. Make your holiday wonderful, travel to Brussels!


New York, USA

New York is the big state that gathers many best things to attract a lot of visitors around the world. There are many historical places for studying its history and arts: the statue of liberty, the natural history museum and the museum of modern art. Moreover, you can enjoy with various broadways shows. Being the New Yorker is very exciting with a happy meal on food on foot. If you visit with your family, you can spend nice time together at the central park zoo.


Prague, Czech

Prague is a wealthy city of ancient architectures which almost every kind of art style in the world is gathered. This city has plenty of gorgeous towers which can find awesome Prague sightseeing on the top of the buildings. At night, enjoy typical taverns testing Czech cuisine, drinking Prague world’s best beers and wines and listening to folk music. Dancing Fountain is a recommended show as it enchants travelers with harmony of water, light and music. Visit Prague “the most romantic city on earth.”


Osaka, Japan

Osaka is called the heart of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. You can travel with various feeling there. Following its history, Osaka castle can present Japanese culture, and it is the symbol of Osaka. Then, Amazed with Osaka Takoyaki museum, you will know the story of Takoyaki, including with its taste. Moreover, Misaki Park can make you to be more fun and happy. If you want to go shopping, Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street and Miyuki-dori Shopping Street (Korean town) will invite you to spend your money with various styles of goods.